Barcoding & Labeling Blood Samples at Bloodworks Northwest

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Bloodworks Northwest, formerly the Puget Sound Blood Center, based in Washington state, collects about 900 units of blood per day, (300,000 per year) via eleven donor centers and 19 mobile units from Vancouver to Bellingham, Washington. They need to carefully track these collections, but their manual system left too much room for error. Every month about 32 units were incorrectly marked which meant the lab had to run tests to properly verify each one. The extra step delayed the processing and required additional staff time. They turned to Symbology Enterprises for a better system.

As it turned out, the Zebra LP 2824 Plus Barcode Label printer was the right solution.

Using the Right Technology: Printers, Scanners & Specialty Labels

The biggest consequence of faulty labeling is that test tubes get mixed up and the wrong results are reported to the wrong person. Or test tubes are lost and those that need results are stuck without zebra ds2200 barcode scanner | blood test track and tracethem. 

Switching to a proper barcode duplication system in medical testing has been shown to reduce avoidable labeling mistakes by a substantial margin. 

For use in blood centers and other medical specimen testing settings, we highly recommend using Zebra desktop or mobile printers along with the DS2208 2D scanner and specialty labels

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