Inventory Management System: Mobile Barcode Scanning & Printing

Print compliant barcode labels on demand

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Scenario: Does this sound familiar?

“We need to be able to scan and print barcodes onto an outer product bag. Our barcode must be readable at all times. Our barcode must be on the outside of the bag. Our label must face up. We must have a separate label on the bag. We must conform to a set of labeling standards dictated by our customer. And we need to do this hundreds (or thousands) of times per day --- without making errors.”

If you’re doing all this by hand, you need automation. You need hardware and software working together for you. You need an automated barcoding, labeling, and inventory picking system. Depending on your sales volume, this could save you dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of hours over time.

If you ship the wrong product from your warehouse, now you’ll have to do a return. But if you automate your processes and use mobile barcode computers, you eliminate errors. Let’s say that using your current setup, out of each 1000 picks you make 5 mistakes. Well, now you make zero mistakes. 

The warehouses of the future involve fewer humans and more automation and robotics --- but those systems will still use hardware and software just like this. Some warehouses will be fully automated, but others still are doing a large portion of their work “the old fashioned way,” i.e., by hand. 


Warehouse Automation is the key here. Let’s eliminate human error whenever possible. 

Whether you’re selling: 

  • flooring tiles, 
  • shoes, 
  • steel gutters, 
  • metal roofing products, 
  • car parts

… or anything in between, this might be THE solution for you. We like to say that our biggest competitor is Excel. Why? Because many warehouses are still using spreadsheets and manual data entry. But if you use Quickbooks, you’ll still need some bridge software (like Ascent) in between the two.

Benefits of Upgrading to a Proper Barcoding & Inventory Management Warehouse System Include:

  • Fewer returns
  • Easier customer service
  • Stay organized
  • Gain insight into fast-moving vs. slow-moving items in your inventory
  • Keep track of exactly what’s going in and out
  • Nothing falls through the cracks
  • Employees can instead focus on customer success
  • Customers are happy
  • Better control of your inventory

With this powerful solution, your mobile and rugged computers are talking to your database --- your database is getting real time accurate and actionable information. You have hardware and software designed for your business all working in harmony. You don’t need a product --- you need a solution.

But you can’t “do the magic” unless you have the software. These modern android-based devices have become very self-sufficient, that is, they find the internet connection, they link with each other, they pass along security settings, they can be remotely managed, but on the initial setup, you will want an expert advising you. You’ll want that peace of mind knowing that it’s set up correctly from the start, and that you are using the right tools for your particular job. 




Scan and type the barcode, then print.



Use the mobile or fixed option to print on demand, when and where you need your barcode label.



Space-saving printer fits anywhere.



Enter the barcode number with the KDU Plus when the UPC code can’t be scanned.

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