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Library Barcode Duplicators

Easily replace worn barcode labels by scanning or typing the existing label. Produce high quality, lasting barcodes anywhere in your library-at the circulation desk or in the stacks. Replace old labels or add new ones, like categorizing collections.

Libraries typically use a variety of tools to manage the labeling and barcoding of their books. These can include specialized software programs, barcode scanners, and label printers. The process usually involves assigning a unique identification number to each book, and then creating a corresponding barcode and label with that number, which is affixed to the book's cover or spine.

One common tool used for this purpose is integrated library system (ILS) software, which can help manage a library's entire collection, including cataloging, circulation, and other administrative tasks. Many ILS software solutions include built-in barcode generation and label printing features, making it easy for librarians to create and print labels and barcodes as needed.

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However, managing the labeling and barcoding process can still be challenging for libraries, particularly for larger collections. One issue that can arise is the need to ensure that each book is labeled and barcoded accurately and consistently. This can be difficult if different staff members are responsible for different parts of the process, or if books are acquired from multiple sources with different labeling standards.

Another challenge is keeping track of books that may be lost or damaged, which can result in missing or mismatched barcodes and labels. This can make it difficult to locate books in the collection or to properly check them out to patrons.

At stake is the efficient functioning of the library's collection and services. Accurate and consistent labeling and barcoding are essential for ensuring that books can be easily located and checked out, and for maintaining an up-to-date inventory of the library's holdings. Without proper labeling and barcoding, librarians may struggle to manage the collection effectively, which can lead to frustrated patrons and a less effective library overall.


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No More Typing Out ISBNs! Scan and Print Direct Saves Time & Energy

Example: A college library purchased 30,000 pre-printed and customized laminated labels to mark their collection. Over time, some labels became damaged and the barcode scanner could not read them. The staff then had to manually type the ISBN numbers into their systems to check a book in or out. Our library duplicator allowed them to create new labels by scanning (when possible) or typing the number into our stand alone system and print a new label. Collection tracking problem solved.

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“The Symbology Barcode Duplicator that we purchased for our main library, circulation desk, has been a significant time saver for day-to-day operations. In this environment barcodes are torn, scraped, scribbled on, defaced, curled, faded and generally abused regularly, and need to be replaced. If they can be scanned at all this duplicator is a major advantage, especially when there are lots of barcodes that need to be replaced. If they cannot be scanned it’s easy to manually enter the scan code and generate a replacement barcode on the spot. It literally takes only a second to scan a barcode – and another second to print it. It doesn’t get much better – or faster – than that. From an IT perspective it has been a good solution and circulation was ecstatic when it arrived! Once it’s setup it’s virtually maintenance free – just add new labels and change the ribbon as needed. I was surprised at how popular it became in such a short period of time.”

– Dave Daley, Information Technology Consultant at San Jose State University’s Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library

Barcode Label Replacement & Duplication Solutions

  • Easy to use – no learning curve
  • Mobile or fixed stand-alone solutions mean more flexibility
  • Prints widths from 1 to 4 inches --- save physical space
  • If the scanner can’t read a damaged label, you can manually type in the barcode number with the KDU Plus

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