Document Tracking


Document Tracking Is the Ideal Tracking Solution

For government applications, the document tracking barcode duplicator is ideal. As documents are created you can add a bar-coded label to tie new documents back to the original document such as a passport, license or case number.

Example: A state department facility was losing track of documents tied to passports. The solution was to scan the barcode in a passport and put the passport number (label) on each document submitted. With the barcode label, all documents could be related back to the original. Document tracking problem solved.

“US Embassy Kingston purchased four barcode duplicator machines earlier this year. After the machines arrived we had to reprogram them. I called Symbology to addressed the problem (the memory erased from them in transit) and Andrew from Symbology helped me reprogram the machine using the Zebra Program. We were able to use the barcode duplicators within a day or two after that. Since then we’ve gone to a paperless visa process, meaning that we no longer need to accept a confirmation page from our applicants, we simply scan and duplicate the barcode and stick it on the back of the applicants passport for tracking and opening their electronic case file. Because of the specific programming needs we asked for, we’re able to not only scan and open electronic case file easier, but also use the barcode duplicator as a metric to track the amount of time the applicant is waiting before their visa interview (because we opted for the clock installation in the machines). The machines helps us become efficient in a variety of ways. I would recommend Symbology Enterprise to others and will be making future purchases with them.”– Best Gary, US Embassy Kingston

Barcode Label Replacement & Duplication Solutions

  • Easy to use – No learning curve required!
  • Increase efficiency with mobile or fixed stand alone solutions
  • Space saving printer prints widths from 1 to 4 inches
  • Option to type in the barcode number with the KDU Plus, when the scanner can’t read a damaged label

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