Covid-19 Solutions Patient & Lab Sample Labeling


Fighting COVID-19 with Barcoding Solutions: Scanners, Printers, Labels, & Software

A barcode duplicator allows you to quickly and easily scan and print additional labels for a variety of healthcare applications. Ensure blood bag or specimen tracking accuracy and enhance workflow with no computer required.

Right now, medical testing organizations are buying duplicators and labels that will stand up to an outdoor environment and a freezer.   

Testing in the US is at a massive and unprecedented scale. The ability to track all the test results is an absolute impossible task with out the proper solutions. We are providing one piece of the solution.

Many serialized barcodes coming from the field are placed on the vials incorrectly. Incorrect placement means the labs LIMS machine cannot read the barcode. This solutions will help alleviate that common concern.


  • No computer required
  • No network connection required
  • Ideal for field operation
  • No more double entry --- up your efficiency

Symbology’s barcode duplicator reduced the rejection rate of barcodes placed on COVID-19 field samples from 5 to 6% to less than 1%.

– John Vanchiere,

MD Director of Outreach for COVID-19

LSU Health Shreveport Louisiana



 Zebra ZD410 Healthcare Printer

• Zebra DS4608 Healthcare Scanner USB Kit


• Polypro 4000D 2”w x 1.25”l, #10028821

• Z-select 4000D 2”w x 1”l, #10010039

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